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The Rise of Entrepreneurial Artists

by Keerat

By Rebecca Haw, Ballerina - Semperoper Ballett

Photo by Natalie Rolley


As a result of the past year and the tragic repercussions on the arts there have been two significant changes regarding artists and entrepreneurship, the artists who are becoming entrepreneurs and the artists who are now running themselves as a business. Both seem to be a direct result of either the live space of which they work or perform closing, or the lack of exposure and funds for people to appreciate their art.

Photo by Gina Scott

The fine arts have taken a huge hit especially being one of the most under supported sectors globally. I personally am an exception to the rule in my space being employed by a German state theatre, I still have a contract and a salary but many do not. The reality most have faced is go home and keep up the good work until ...

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