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The Post-Covid World Of The Wealthy – A Top Lawyer’s View

by Keerat

By Laurie Stone, Editor At Large

LAURIE STONE, Editor At Large, sits down with litigator DAN MORRISON, senior partner of Mayfair’s top legal practice, GROSVENOR LAW.

THE business community is at last emerging from its Covid chrysalis now that the war against the virus appears well on the way to being won. But there will be many battles still to fight for the high-net-worth clients of Mayfair-based UK and international litigation practice, Grosvenor Law.

The firm’s senior partner, Dan Morrison, has recovered billions for his clients since he founded Grosvenor Law in 2011 and he expects to be ultra-busy in the months that lie ahead.
“Some sectors of the economy have been hit hard by the pandemic – travel, commercial property landlords, and entertainment have suffered badly – but most of my clients have weathered the storm,” he told The Business Influencer.
“Commodity prices are up, most property has held up despite gloomy forecasts, and there is pent-up demand in the econo...

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