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The “New Normal’ Transcript

By Byron Dixon O.B.E.

by Keerat

Byron Dixon O.B.E., CEO - Micro-Fresh


In mid-March 2020 the UK was subjected to the first wrath of the Coronavirus pandemic and life as we know it changed, maybe, forever. The next few months and years made the world sit up and realize that this planet needs to be cared for and our lives also need a little more attention and TLC. Here is where Micro-Fresh Inc CEO, Byron Dixon O.B.E. lays down his experiences……..

Hello everyone, guess what – THE WORLD JUST GOT A WHOLE LOT SMALLER!!

Some time ago, I was offered a role at the Danish shoe company, ECCO. After an interview in London and a job offer, I accepted believing the role was in London. Upon realizing it was in Denmark and me emigrating from the UK a friend said to me (I was 25 at the time) “with the changing computer age, you’ll have more in common with a 25-year-old in Denmark than a 40-year-old in the UK.

Upon moving to Denmark, I saw what he meant – commonalities in music, art, current affairs, and sport soo...

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