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The Banker Turned Entrepreneur

by Keerat

Jason Oakley, CEO & Founder - Recognise Bank


Article by Keerat Rai 

Interview by Ninder Johal

This interview is also available in a Podcast on the Nachural YouTube Channel 

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Born in Coseley to an entrepreneurial father, Jason Oakley was instilled from a young age with a sense of creating a level of independence and creating something from nothing.

In a career spanning 35 years there is not much Jason doesn’t know about the banking industry, having worked at the likes of RBS, NatWest and Close Brothers. As well as playing a key role in the formation of Metro Bank, where he ran the commercial and mortgage lending book.

His latest venture has seen him embarking on the huge task of setting up his own bank which specialises in services for UK SMEs. Although this may seem a daunting process at first its clear from a conversation with Jason that he has a real passion for customer eccentricity and the vit...

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