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Social Media Platform “Clubhouse” – Not Business As Usual

by Keerat

By Nadja Atwal - www.nadjaatwal.net

Instagram: @NadjaAtwal  

Twitter: @TheNadjaAtwal


New Yorkers move fast, work fast - many like me even talk fast - and implement trends fast, IF those pass the IQ and EQ test. Shaken by an extensive lock down during 2020 and forced to stay in, a new social media platform caught our attention that has offered both a fruitful way to communicate and build relationships plus - more importantly - a productive work tool to launch or scale your business. A new way to keep the hustle and bustle going that we so love about our city.


Clubhouse seemingly emerged on social media like a wild storm amid a protracted pandemic. But for its founders Paul Davidson and Rohan Seth of Alpha Exploration Co., it was a long time coming – and the product of s series of startups that sparked and faded, and Silicon Valley lessons learned and burned.

The invitation-only app, which enables auditory communication through virtual live rooms th...

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