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Sleep Matters

By Dr Ben Sinclair

by Keerat

Dr Ben Sinclair, Founder – Dr Finlay’s Private Practice


Are you getting enough sleep? Do you wake up fully refreshed every morning? Do you routinely get your recommended 7 and a half hours a night? Answer ‘No’ to any of those questions? Read on…

Are you working long hours? Do you often feel overstressed or tired? Is it hard to switch off and fall asleep at the end of your day? Any ‘Yes’ ticks there? Time for a wake-up call.

I’m Dr Ben Sinclair, Founder of Dr Finlay’s Private Practice, and over the past nearly two decades as a GP, I’ve helped hundreds of patients overcome their sleep challenges. So, let’s start with the GOOD news – you are not alone!


Dr Ben Sinclair


A recent study of 4,000 British adults found that 7.5 million of us are “seriously sleep deprived”. One in seven is surviving on under five hours a night. Three quarters of us aren’t getting the sleep we need...

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