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Sara’s Blonde Ambition

By Laurie Stone

by Keerat

Laurie Stone


FASHION model and influencer Sara Nilsen is Robert’s soul mate and business partner.

She shares his home, his vision and his dreams.

And she even finds the time to run her own successful entrepreneurial enterprises.

The latest venture for the 30-year-old is her entry into the burgeoning beauty market with a hair care product.

Not surprising really as Sara’s blonde locks are 25.5 inches long and she knows exactly how difficult it is to keep her hair in shape.

Now Sara, who was born in Norway, is confident her Msmissy (correct) brand will shape up and scale the heights achieved by business titans like Body Shop founder Anita Roddick.



Sara explains: “I’ve called my innovative hair brush Ms Proper and I am confident it is the best hairbrush for all hair types – thick, thin, curly or wavy as well as hair extensions. The technology behind the brush gets rid of knots in a gentle way while stimulating the blood circulation and ensuring natural oils are distributed along your hair strands, which again encourages hair growth.

“I am also introducing my Ms Tidy, a cleaning comb that fits perfectly with Ms Proper and will help remove any hair that’s trapped in your hairbrush, something that should be done at least once a week to keep bacteria out.”


There was a soft launch of both products in Norway in 2021, but now Sara is focusing on the much bigger markets in the UK and America.

Now the Ms Proper hairbrush is available in the UK (with free delivery) for £39 and can be bought together with the Ms Tidy hairbrush cleaner for £43. The latter can be purchased separately for £6.

Sara adds: “There are just 5.5 million people in Norway, against the UK’s 65-plus million, and more than 334 million in America. The beauty market is huge and I am looking into other treatments and products for damaged hair.

“I’ve had lots of compliments about my hair in the UK, but women here often have their hair over-processed and, like many countries, the chlorine added to keep drinking water safe is not good for the hair or the scalp.

“I want to help women and girls discover and reveal their inner beauty so that they can lead confident, productive lives. My hair brush is the first step on the road towards that goal.”

Sara was born and grew up near the small Norwegian city of Kristiansund, halfway along Norway’s western coastline and it was here that she first got a taste for the life of a businesswoman.


“It’s very rural, but launched me as an entrepreneur when I started buying and selling horses at 14, as my mum ran a riding school at our farm.

“I love being with horses and it’s so nice that our home includes a stable and paddocks so I can carry on with my ‘hobby’.

“I’m also a zoo-keeper! In addition to the horses, we have lots of other animals around the place and, basically, they are my responsibility although Robert helps when he can.

“We both feed off the energy of our livestock collection – and that’s helpful when the rest of the day is taken up with our various businesses. Animals tend to put things in perspective.”

So, from grooming her horses to giving her customers better grooming, Sara is on an exciting ride to success.

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