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Riding the Covid-19 Waves in Kenya, Resilient and Creative

by Keerat

by Harleen Jabbal

Twitter – @harleenjabs

Instagram – @leenarete


The quiet runaways, standstill trolley lines and empty duty free shops became the new normal when the world travel stopped because of Covid-19. As if that was not shocking enough, it became impossible to leave the home and travel in your personal car from one county to another due to Government imposed restrictions.

While, some would argue that Covid-19 was manufactured accidentally in Wuhan, the reality is the world is paying the price and will do for another possibly two years. There are just not enough factories to make the vaccinations and while the patent debate continues, we have to manage with the medical facilities on the ground.

Subsequently, this called for a lot of creativity and adapting to a new normal. Precious Mueni Mue, Business Development Officer of APA Life Assurance brings out that the pandemic
“changed their way of working, now from home and use digital media/online market...

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