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What is a NED? – Interview with Peel Hunt’s Steven Fine

by Keerat

I'm Steven Fine, Chief Executive of Peel Hunt. Peel Hunt is a UK focused specialist Investment Bank and our main area of focus is on UK Public and Private Companies. We act as a retained Corporate Adviser to 153 public companies, we write and publish research on some 400 UK listed public companies. So we have a very comprehensive joined up picture of the UK Public market space.

As a consequence of that, we are dealing with boards all the time and what we found some 14 years ago was actually the opportunity to start an Awards, to recognise Governance, Oversight, Stewardship, Best Practice was actually missing and could we do it in an effective fashion where we could properly and appropriately reward or recognise those who had contributed something quite special in those key areas.


This interview is also available in a Podcast on the Nachural Youtube Channel

Please click HERE to to listen to the Podcast

When you set the awards up in 2006, how did people rea...

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