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Overcoming Extraordinary Circumstances

by Keerat

by Sheryl Cuisia - founder and managing director of Boudicca Proxy Consultants (part of Equiniti Group plc) and a judge for the NED Awards 2020.


Shareholder engagement matters

At a time of coronavirus, visibility and proactive shareholder engagement is even more important for quelling investor dissent and getting your company on the front foot for the AGM season.

Corporate governance has been deeply engrained in the business agenda for over the last decade, and environmental and social issues are now also rightly moving up in importance in the boardroom and in daily business life. The media spotlight on the impact of business on society and the environment has sharpened, with this focus expected to remain in the fallout of the coronavirus pandemic and the spread of the Black Lives Matter movement. Perennial boardroom issues such as executive remuneration, director overboarding and diversity & inclusion will also continue to be central amidst an uncertain macr...

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