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Online Learning, 5G and some positivity during lockdown

by The Business Influencer

Is the world of education changed for ever… a few thoughts from award winning entrepreneur Matt Jones ( Oxbridge ).
Matt Jones runs an online education learning provider.
Digital Learning
Online learning has undoubtedly seen a boost in the last few months. We've made as much as a 5-year leap during the lockdown, in people's appreciation and acceptance of online courses and their related technologies, such as video conferencing. With phrases such as "you're on mute" now more frequently used than "would anyone like a coffee?".

A classroom or lecture theatre is limited to a modest headcount, but online learning provides an opportunity to scale almost limitlessly. This scale should mean that learners can experience higher quality courses than they otherwise would.  It makes absolute sense to allow learners to find a comfortable learning environment and at a time and headspace where they will be most receptive.

The requirements for online connectivity and collab...

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