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One Rotten Apple

by Keerat

Adam Irwin, Managing Director - Nodum Global


Technology is a wonderful thing but, like splitting the atom, it comes with a price. Gadgets designed to make our lives easier are being increasingly exploited to compromise privacy. The fictionalised case that follows was inspired by real events. Much of the techniques deployed by “Richard” were once available only to specialist police and government intelligence agencies.

Today, many people have access to espionage tools but are ignorant of their existence. Worse still, people are spied upon by those they know and trust. For many businesses, trade secrets and intellectual property are their lifeblood, their competitive advantage resting on protecting inside information.



A large, detached house, two kids at private school and a villa in the Algarve. The company’s success had brought its CEO, Nathan, wealth and status, at least locally. His 71-reg Bentley swung out from the sweeping gravel of the co...

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