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Mind The 5G & AI Adoption Gap

By Robert Franks

by Keerat

Robert Franks, Managing Director - WM5G

Robert Franks


The cost of living crisis is creating opportunities for businesses to accelerate adoption of certain technology solutions using 5G, data & AI that offer a short-term return by addressing current business challenges – such as rising energy costs – as well as laying the foundation for transformation and future returns – such as through net zero.

Being First Is Great…
Back in mid 2019, the UK was rightly proud to be the one of the first countries in the world to launch 5G – the next generation of mobile technology. With new features such as low latency, the ability to connect up to twenty times more devices, faster speeds and enhanced security and reliability, 5G was designed to offer ‘enterprise grade’ connectivity to power the growth of data/AI and the internet of things – for businesses in particular.

Since then places like the ...

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