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‘Levelling Up’ – Roger Marsh OBE DL

by Keerat

Roger Marsh OBE DL, Chair of the NP11 and Leeds City Region Local Enterprise Partnership

‘Levelling-up’ would unlock the full potential of the North, empowering our region with the economic and political levers to rebalance the UK’s overcentralised economy.

The North is the home to strong businesses, fantastic natural and economic assets, and diverse, passionate and proud communities. We are well placed to bolster the nation’s prosperity by drawing upon our existing socio-economic strengths, but to truly unlock the potential of the North, we need the investment, power, and resources to move forward.

For example, the North has the capability and resources to catapult the nation towards net-zero emissions by 2050, but requires long term strategic investment from the UK Government to make this happen. The environmental benefits are obvious, but economically a 50% reduction in carbon levels by 2032, would create 100,000 new jobs and add £2bn pa to the Northern economy by 2050.


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