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Leading Five Generations

by Keerat

By Sarah Walker-Smith, CEO - Shakespeare Martineau


As the life expectancy and retirement age increases, so does the span of ages in the workplace. With greater technology and fast-paced lives it’s thought that priorities, mind set and culture differences between generations are shifting quicker than ever.

So, with a workplace likely to employ the ‘silent generation’ through to Gen Z how do you cater for the needs of different generations? How do leaders stay relevant? Is it reality that millennials need constant praise and feedback and that boomers will be resistant to change, or is this just a myth?

What Are The Five Generation Stereotypes?
Sources vary about the exact birth dates of each generation, but the BBC reported:

‘Silent generation’ born: 1926-1945 – is disciplined, value orientated, prefers direct (person-to-person) communications

‘Baby Boomers’ born: 1946 – 1965 – is committed, self-sufficient, competitive

‘Gen X’ born: 1966 – 1980 – is ...

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