Home Property The property market after COVID-19?

The property market after COVID-19?

by The Business Influencer

House prices are soaring, demand has been high but how long will this last?
If I wanted to sell or buy - should I do it now?
The logical answer here is that house prices are predicted to drop even more than they already have. Lloyds Banking Group has said that we could see house prices fall by 5–10% by the end of 2020 and we could see a drop of 30% over the next three years. So, if you have the patience and the time, then waiting to buy your property could be smart. On the other hand, these are just predictions. Considering that the UK government has enacted a Stamp Duty Holiday on properties up to £500,000, this could be an even better reason to buy or sell your property. Not paying what can be quite a hefty tax on your new home should be a great incentive.

Which is better: commercial or buy to let?
Commercial finance is probably the most popular in terms of property for businesses, such as buying or expanding your current premises, investing in commercial prop...

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