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Is Clubhouse The Next Huge Social Media Trend?

by Keerat

By Niraj Kapur, Managing Director – Everybody Works In Sales


What social media app is changing how we work?

Facebook? Instagram? TikTok? LinkedIn?

As big as those platforms are, the fastest growing app in 2021 is Clubhouse.

It’s an audio-only social networking app.


For some, it’s been a blessing. For others, it’s been the biggest time drain since the internet, a place where you can easily lose yourself for hours in the middle of a workday and still get nothing done.

It caused controversy because Android users can’t get access and you have to be invited to the platform. People call it “elitist” and many Android users have purchased iPads just to be part of the platform. What some call controversial, I call brilliant marketing.

You receive an invite by text and when you download the app, you enter and fill in your biography. This is highly recommended. I’m surprised by the number of people who have empty bios. Why would you connect with someone with no bio or photo?

You then have the choices of room. Examples include:

• Improve your sales
• Maximise Instagram
• Grow your business to 7-figures a year
• Local networking events
• Personal brand, impact and income
• Social media secrets influencers
• There’s also niche rooms about religion, dating, mental health, being black in business.

The first few days are addictive, as you scroll from room to room, listening to people speak.

Be sure to fill in your bio when you join Clubhouse.

So what are the pros and cons of this platform and how do you make it work best for you?



There’s no quality control. If you have never spoken in public, you can host a room. Many of these hosts don’t have a clue what to say. They come across as awkward. Some let their ego get carried away and talk gibberish. Others sell nonstop. Some hosts ask everyone to give an elevator speech, where you have 30 seconds to talk about yours business. Many people drone on for 1 minute. You need to respect the audience, yet have the ability to interrupt people who are talking too much.

Android users don’t have access unless they buy an iPad and get invited from someone already on the platform.

Clubhouse has access to all mobile numbers on your phone So far there’s been no abuse, but they still have access to all the mobile numbers on your phone.

You have to be there at least 5 days a week. That’s a huge time drain.

Too many people refer to themselves as “experts.” I’ve seen Instagram experts run rooms yet when I checked their Instagram, they have 852 followers. That’s not an expert, it’s a con artist.

It’s free so people often don’t understand or appreciate the value. When you spend 60-90 minutes talking for free, they often want free advice afterwards. You can’t run a business this way.

You can’t message each other on Clubhouse, making it tough to build relationships.




You can build your brand. There are people like me who have spoken at over 100 networking events and 40 conferences. We understand how to give value. We don’t sell hard from the stage. We are there to help and be of massive value. After all, people buy people.

You can generate more income. When you build your brand and build trust, then you can start telling people to go my website and download 10 tips for Getting results in 2021, or email me for LinkedIn Tips. The trust needs to be built first You don’t do that by speaking once. It’s turning up every day and giving value.

My LinkedIn following in Jan 2021 was 5,900. Now it’s 9,300 and growing every day. As a result, my posts are getting more likes, comments and views.

Certain rooms are excellent for learning. My favourite so far has been The LinkedIn Club, a daily room to learn about LinkedIn from profile reviews to content strategy. It takes place 2pm EST and 7pm UK Time. The sales rooms have been dry and heavily male-driven, so I’ve stopped attending.

Relationships on Clubhouse are built 5 times faster than any social media platform. When you talk for an hour and people want to learn, you build strong relationships and trust. This is the foundation of business.


Business Generated

So how much business have I won so far? After all, businesses are built for profit.

I’ve had 28 enquiries.

5 people have booked 90 minute LinkedIn Training sessions.

3 people have booked 121 sales coaching.

The rest were timewaster or freebie hunters, none of which I have time for.

That’s 24% conversion from enquiries.

That’s £4,500 of business.

That’s not worth it spending 60 hours a month

However, these clients rebooked for more coaching generating £9,000. If they rebook again and give me recommendations to their clients, then Clubhouse becomes a platform worth investing in.


Niraj Kapur is a LinkedIn Trainer, Trust Sales Coach for Business Advisors and author of the Amazon bestsellers Everybody Works In Sales and The Easy Guide To Sales For Business Owners.

He can be reached on LinkedIn or www.everybodyworksinsales.com

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