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Is Clubhouse The Next Huge Social Media Trend?

by Keerat

By Niraj Kapur, Managing Director - Everybody Works In Sales


What social media app is changing how we work?

Facebook? Instagram? TikTok? LinkedIn?

As big as those platforms are, the fastest growing app in 2021 is Clubhouse.

It’s an audio-only social networking app.


For some, it’s been a blessing. For others, it’s been the biggest time drain since the internet, a place where you can easily lose yourself for hours in the middle of a workday and still get nothing done.

It caused controversy because Android users can’t get access and you have to be invited to the platform. People call it “elitist” and many Android users have purchased iPads just to be part of the platform. What some call controversial, I call brilliant marketing.

You receive an invite by text and when you download the app, you enter and fill in your biography. This is highly recommended. I’m surprised by the number of people who have empty bios. Why would you connect with someo...

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