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I did not like sales but there was no one to delegate it to….

by The Business Influencer


Even though this interview was conducted over the phone – you can still feel the smile of Ian Evans pouring through the mobile phone.

He has every reason to be smiling – his start up (not yet 5 years old) has been growing rapidly and making its mark in the Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) market. He speaks quickly and with excitement of how much he enjoys being an entrepreneur.



Yet he was not sure that the route to entrepreneurship was his to take. He admits to not doing well at school and as a result not having the academic qualifications to go to University. The need for in his own words’ ‘cash’ meant employment.


He joined a company straight after school operating in the Oil and Gas field, but the market place was volatile. He then joined a firm in Bilston who were involved in engineering and took key account management duties. He was involved in every aspect of quality assurance and considered himself to be ‘good’ of all aspects of t...

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