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How Will AI Affect Recruitment For Your Business?

By Carmen Watson

by Keerat

Carmen Watson, Chairperson - Pertemps Network Group


The potential applications for AI-powered systems in business across the world are mind-boggling. From chatbots and automated call answering, to content creation and social media management, we are only riding the first wave of intelligent automation – but we must never lose the human touch.

It is an exciting – and nervy – time in the evolution of AI bots like ChatGPT. In a recent LinkedIn survey, 84 per cent of respondents said they thought it will help their career progression, but 49 percent are worried they should know more about AI than they do.

The biggest concern I have heard raised by people is that AI will take over roles that humans do, leading to job losses. Yes, this will happen, as it has happened many times in the past as technology has advanced. However, what will also happen is whole new categories of jobs will emerge to support this burgeoning sector, with many new opportunities. It needs people to ...

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