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Home Is Where The ‘Manufacturing’ Is – Tony Hague

by Keerat

With Brexit looming large on the horizon, UK manufacturers will need to collaborate like never before, in order to navigate the challenges and maximise the opportunities. Tony Hague, CEO of PP Control & Automation, suggests the best course of action may be to focus attention a bit closer to home…

Manufacturers could be forgiven for thinking they are currently operating in the eye of a perfect storm, most of which has been caused by external factors out of their control.

Covid-19 has thrust the world into global trade turmoil and many companies have had to pivot or adjust their factories to remain operational and, importantly, safe for their employees. This has underlined the great innovation and agility we have at our disposal and, just as we start getting used to the ‘new normal’, we have the impending spectre of a Brexit ‘no deal’ on the horizon.

None of us want to see that eventual outcome as all it will do is create additional financial and paperwork burdens from new ...

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