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Grief & Running Our Business During Covid-19

by Keerat

By Narinder Singh Nijjar, Director – Fraser Stretton


It was the 23rd March 2020 & we had just entered into the first lockdown. I was having my daily catch up with my dad on the phone while I’m driving from meeting to meeting. My dad was reassuring me that business will be fine but that the priority was for me and my team to stay safe, “don’t take any risks by going to unnecessary meetings” he said. I countered that by saying that I would be careful and if anything, he needed to ensure that he stayed at home with mum and I would ensure food shopping was delivered etc….

The next couple of days were very uncertain, we didn’t know:
If we could open our office;

How would we conduct property viewings?

What about the new starters who only joined our team one week previously?

What if people don’t pay their rent?

How will we earn commission if sales viewings are not allowed to take place?

These were just some of the questions that were swirling round ...

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