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‘Global Lessons Learned In Being Decisive’ Or How To Be Better At ‘JFDI’

By Steve Parker

by Keerat

Steve Parker, Owner & Director – Steve Parker ICD (International Company Development)


As regular readers will know, I have been actively involved in exporting and international trade for 40+ years now and still am on a daily basis. The excitement of the challenges and the fantastic people that I meet and have met along the way, don’t take too much enticing from me when in conversation.

Indeed my article in issue 13 and every issue before, will have hopefully inspired you and made you consider both the technical aspects and the people and relationship building elements of what it takes to succeed.

Today I want to share some thoughts on some traits found more often globally than in the UK. The ability to make decisions, solve problems and to take advantage of opportunities that arise quickly. ‘JFDI’ is politely an acronym for ‘Just Flipping Do It’ and on a much grander scale, I admire how countries and individuals globally embrace this philosophy.

Without embar...

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