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Futureproofing The Hospitality Workforce

By José Lopes

by Keerat

José Lopes,

Pro Vice-Chancellor (External Affairs),

University College Birmingham




Hospitality is experiencing a period of uncertainty.

A cost-of-living crisis, slowing high street, rising taxes, exponential energy rates and, at the forefront, a staffing crisis, have all contributed to concern for the sector.

University College Birmingham, home of the Birmingham College of Food, has a rich history as flagship providers of culinary training, institutions such as ours can champion the industry and influence national policy to boost and rebuild hospitality.

After the pandemic, a lot of people left the industry and many of them have chosen not to return after finding jobs in other industries or roles at other companies with different working hours, conditions and opportunities.


Roux Scholarships – The Roux Scholarships and the University have a longstanding relations...

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