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Fruits of Her Labour – The Story of Nim’s Fruit Crisps

by Keerat

Nimisha Raja, Founder & CEO - Nim's Fruit Crisps


Nimisha Raja is on a personal crusade to create healthier snacks, a crusade that is still on course despite the turmoil of Brexit and Covid-19. Business Influencer talks to her about the power of ‘air’ and why The Queen continues to be a major source of inspiration.

When 15-year-old Nimisha Raja started work on the tills at a Tesco store in London, few people would have put money on that same young girl one day supplying an innovative ‘food on the move’ product to the supermarket giant.

Dream big has always been her philosophy and one that has stood the test of a rollercoaster career that has seen her own five dry cleaners, a wine bar and a coffee shop.

Now, if she sets foot in the same shop she started her fledging career in, she will see four different varieties of her fruit and vegetable crisps on display alongside some of the biggest snacking brands in the world. It’s a proud moment for the African-born ent...

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