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Experiences Over Possession

By Rajendra Patel

by Keerat

Rajendra Patel, Chief Patron – Universal Business School


In India, there is a long-standing tradition of valuing experiences over stuff. This is represented in the Hindi saying "Jeevan mei anubhav hi anmol hai," which translates as "Experiences in life are priceless."

There are various reasons why experiences may be more significant than stuff for pleasure in India.
First, India is a collectivist culture, which implies that relationships and social connections are highly valued. Spending time with family and friends is an excellent approach to deepen these bonds.

Second, India is a country with a rich history and culture. There are several possibilities to learn about and experience India's rich heritage through travel, festivals, and cultural events. These encounters can help people feel more connected to their culture and create a feeling of self-worth.

Finally, India is a vast populous developing country. Many individuals in India are impoverished and ...

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