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Every Problem In Business Is A People Problem

by Keerat

By Safaraz Ali, CEO – Pathway Group




Whether it is lack of customers, capital, or a culture thing it comes down to people. If your business is having issues with strategy, finance, marketing, sales, purchasing, systems, and processes, it is all down to people! To understand and seek to solve any business issues you need to understand, what I often term as the ‘people thing’ behind it.

In any given business environment and not just when facing chaos and uncertainty, your best "strategy" in business is to access great people and develop them as part of your team. This is whether they are employed, contractors/consultants or specialist experts as per your specific requirements and business needs. One thing you should strive for is that the team must be able to adapt to and perform brilliantly no matter what the opportunity is and what comes next.

My go-to concept that underpins this is: 'First Who, Then What' by well-known business guru Jim Collins...

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