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Elizabethan Age Usurped By New Age of Uncertainty

By Howard Wheeldon

by Keerat

Howard Wheeldon FRAeS – Wheeldon Strategic Advisory Ltd 


In the first of two articles, what follows is a view of the vast changes that occurred to UK engineering and manufacturing businesses during the Elizabethan Age. In the following issue I will look at where we are in 2023, the failings, issues and opportunities for our remaining engineering and manufacturing industries and, in the post Brexit world, the increasing apparent need for the UK to manufacture a lot more of what it consumes.

Whatever one’s views of 2022 have been, whether you believe that Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine in February and the ongoing war that has killed so many innocent people and devastated so many lives, whether the resulting impact of this on inflation and rising cost of living, whether you believe that the mess that the UK appears to be in today is partly due to the fall-out from Brexit or the political fall-out that has seen two prime minister being pushed out by their own party an...

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