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Disruption, Frustration . . . But Some Amazing Opportunities Too

by Keerat

By Mo Chaudry, Chairman - Waterworld Leisure Group


Well, I don’t think many of us are sad to have seen the back of 2020, are we?

It should have been a year of milestones and celebrations for Waterworld Leisure Resort and the international expansion of Pulse Global Group – but instead, it will be remembered as a time of disruption, upheaval and frustration for us all.

There have still been some major highs and impressive achievements for our team over the past 12 months, and we can look back with pride on what has been achieved . . . in many cases against the odds.
The completion of the multi million-pound new development for example - the delayed opening of a new 70,000 sq ft M Club, the largest gym of its kind in Staffordshire, and brand new 36-hole Adventure Mini Golf centre, have earned great plaudits.


But the year was also tinged with regrets about ‘what might have been’, had the coronavirus not struck and forced the recently expanded Waterworld...

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