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Dishoom Dishes Up An Authentic Indian Treat

By Cheryl Simmons – Restaurant Critic

by Keerat

Cheryl Simmons


IT WAS like stepping into another world, where the delicious aromas coming from the kitchen were in perfect harmony with the authentic Indian décor and setting.

My first introduction to Dishoom in Granary Square, King’s Cross in London was almost too much to take in.

So, my partner and I decided we would need to sip on a cocktail for a few moments to get our bearings.
We were quickly in the hands of a daru-wallah – a drinks person – who offered a choice that, again, was almost too much to take in.

Collectively, we caught our breath and finally ordered two delicious sugar cane cocktails and within minutes we were relaxed and ready to order our starter. Even after just that one drink we knew, almost instinctively, that it was going to be an evening to savour and remember. We weren’t wrong.

Despite its almost cavernous 9,000 square foot area, the largest eating venue in Granary ...

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