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Crisis? What Crisis?

by Keerat

By Safaraz Ali, CEO – Pathway Group




As business leaders, we regard ourselves as problem solvers. We all know that businesses are a manifestation of problems, and that our purpose is to solve our customers problems. For us to survive handling our customers problems, we must also solve our own problems and deal with any crisis that comes upon us.

The word crisis is often overused and frequently wrongly used. When we find ourselves in these moments, words get misinterpreted. Most of the time, the crisis itself does not destroy the business, but rather, according to Jonathan Hemus’ ‘Crisis Proof, it is the businesses inability to react and adapt accordingly.

Nobody likes talking about crises. Once we understand that in business, there is always going to be a crisis, we really can face the problem head on.



There are several challenges that a business will face when dealing with a crisis for the first time. These will be es...

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