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COVID & The Technology Revolution

by Keerat

By Steve Megson, Managing Director - Quiet Storm Solutions


If Covid-19 has taught us anything, it’s preparing for the unexpected needs to stretch our imagination further when it comes to business disaster planning. We’re living through the greatest challenge to the economic ecosystem of a lifetime. One thing has become clear, digitally agile businesses were able to adapt more rapidly – no matter what sector they were in.

Every business owner now truly understands what having the ability to change virtually everything overnight needs to look like – even if they don’t currently have the map of how to get there. The digital skillset of virtually everyone has been accelerated by the pandemic. This means your customers’ expectations are probably 5 years ahead of where your business is right now. You need the digital tools to manage the speed of market change that’s coming. COVID means going digital is no longer optional. Process automation, real-time reporting tools and data...

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