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‘Back Yourself & Never Give Up On Your Dream’, Says The easyProperty Entrepreneur

by Keerat

David Brierley, CEO – easyProperty


By Phil Hellmuth

POSITIVITY guru and poker star PHIL HELLMUTH puts the questions to estate agency chief DAVID BRIERLEY

In his brilliant column, exclusively for The Business Influencer, Phil asks a series of positive questions to a celebrity from the world of business, entertainment or sport. Here he sits down with DAVID BRIERLEY, CEO of easyProperty, the high-tech estate agency backed by easyJet founder Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou.

David lives on the south coast with wife MARYANNE, who is also involved in the business. When he is not working he loves sailing and devotes time to a charity which introduces under-privileged children to a life on the ocean waves. easyProperty, which is revolutionising the estate agency business, is building a network of franchises across the country and has just launched an exciting new website at https://easyproperty.com



In your business life why is positivity as opposed to negativity so important to you?

It gets me up in the morning and is the main driver for success in achieving my ambition and vision for the business.


Next to positivity, what is the most important factor that leads to success in business?

Determination and a very clear vision of what you want your business to be and what you want to achieve.


What is your earliest memory of an act of positivity?

My first steps – I can honestly say that I have only ever been positive, occasionally to the frustration of others who don’t understand that anything is possible provided you persevere with achieving your goal.


Who or what has had the most positive influence on your life and why?

My mother – she was the eldest of three sisters whose father died in 1939 when she was 14. She left school at 18, joined the Women’s Royal Naval Service, known as the Wrens, and trained as a wireless telegrapher stationed in a bunker in Scarborough listening to the U-boats in the North Sea transmitting code which she helped to decipher and sent to Bletchley Park for Alan Turing to break the Enigma Code.

She was engaged to my father in 1944 who then left for the Far East and ended up in Hiroshima six weeks after the Atom bomb was dropped and came home three years later when they were finally married. For three years she did not know whether he was dead or alive. She never ever complained and her mantra was “Stop making a fuss and get on with it!”


Which positive person from history would you like to meet?

The Queen – to have reigned for as long as she has and to have experienced changes both at home and abroad and taking it all in her stride says everything about her character, her loyalty and her commitment to the position at the expense of almost everything else.


What is the most positive piece of advice you have been given – where, when and by whom?

My Sports Master at Junior School who said that with courage and determination you can achieve anything.



What is the most positive piece of advice you could pass on to people?

Back yourself and never give up on your dream. If at first it doesn’t work try another way to achieve the same end.


How do you deal with negative people?

Ignore them! I find them very frustrating and more often than not their negativity is borne out of a lack of conviction for what it is they are trying to achieve.


What are the most positive songs on your playlist?

It’s Five O’clock Somewhere – Alan Jackson & Jimmy Buffet; Glory Days – Bruce Springsteen; Driving Home for Christmas – Chris Rea.


If you could sit down with five positive people, who would they be, and what qualities would they bring to the table?

Richard Branson, Barack Obama, Eddie Jones, any All Black and Ben Stokes. The first two “guests” speak for themselves, while people from the world of sport have an unbelievable belief and confidence in their own ability to succeed. It is a culture we should have more of in business where every member of a team has an integral part to play and where the captain is not necessarily the best player but is the arbiter of policy and decisions.



What is the most positive film you have watched?

Pretty Woman – she just needed to be given a chance to show what she could do and who she could be. That applies so much to people in business but so often they are dumbed down and their bosses never get to see their full potential.


Who is the most positive person in your life – apart from yourself?

My daughter Amy – a chip off the old block. She now works for easyProperty looking after the onboarding of new franchisees and ongoing administrative support to our National Franchise Director.


Do you have an inspirational catchphrase?

Everything and anything is possible if you want it badly enough.


Where in the world are you in your most positive state of mind?

Somewhere warm and sunny – and on a sailing yacht



If you could be known for just one positive achievement in your life, what would it be?

Making my children more successful than me

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