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Artificial Intelligence & Education: Just “Do No Harm”?

By John Traxler

by Keerat

John Traxler, Academic Director - The Avallain Lab


Everyone, really everyone, has been hearing about AI, artificial intelligence, for the last 15 months; hearing how it is going to change so many different aspects of our lives, how it is going to create so many possibilities but also how it could do so much damage.

To set the record straight, everyone is actually hearing about large language models, LLM, and specifically tools like chatGPT, that seem to enable ‘intelligent’ conversations that involve the LLM fulfilling all sort of requests for information, ideas and now images to almost any specification in terms of sophistication, approach and style.

Someone said that the underlying activity of LLMs is just a kind of predictive text. They gave the comparison with their mobile. They type, “Sorry I’ll be late. I’m… “ and the mobile completes the message, “..in the pub.” LLMs are only, it is said, enormously more powerful versions of this. So, the user might type, “The...

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