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“Art as Life – Life as Art”: Sarah Raskey Transcends Boundaries with Art

By Nadja Atwal

by Keerat

Nadja Atwal is a NY based PR expert, Author, TV Commentator and Co-Founder of Eyetencity.

Nadja Atwal


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Raskey was among the early adapters to the new world of industry meets art. She diversified here projects, welcomed industrial clients of luxury hotel and restaurant chains , saw the need among those industry leaders to give their properties that personal , boutique-style touch.

Then while being the sole artistic force with the paint brush in her hand, she scaled her business with her team by making her art pull any room together via her designs on wall paper, rugs or whatever needed to make that any space complete and memorable.

The contemporary world of art is experiencing a profound wave of change. Artists and creators are pushing the boundaries of traditional artistic mediums, challenging societal norms, and redefining what it means to express oneself in an evolving global landscape. Augmented reality, virtual reality, and interactive installations have become essential tools for artists seeking to create immersive experiences.


A notable figure that is to be reckoned with following the above trend is Sarah Raskey.  Sarah Raskey’s name has become synonymous with creativity, innovation, and artistic vision. This talented artist, art therapist, professor and business influencer has proven that art knows no boundaries, seamlessly bridging the gap between the world of aesthetics and corporate success.

In this cover story, we explore the life and career of Sarah Raskey, a remarkable individual who has harnessed her artistic prowess to redefine the way we think about creativity and business. This month her first virtual gallery – created by Eyetencity – will be ready which gave me not just the pleasure to interview but collaborate with the multitalented visionary.

Sarah Raskey’s journey into the world of art began at an early age. Growing up in a family of artists, she was surrounded by creative expression from the very start. Her innate talent and boundless curiosity led her to pursue formal art education.

“I have created since as far back as I can remember and art making could easily be considered my first love. Creating felt like this whole secret world I was connected to that held endless possibilities for me to explore and it came as natural to me as breathing.”


In high school, she began to take college-level courses and attended university with an art scholarship. After graduation, she exhibited and sold her work which to her was nothing other than showcasing her raw, pure, authentic and love for creativity.  This was to fulfill her long craving to connect with others and cultivate meaningful dialogue about art. So to her visual arts has subconsciously become an unsung hero.

“My hero. And one I wanted to spend as much time with as possible, so it has always been a top priority of mine to raise as much awareness and accessibility to the potentiality of the visual arts as possible. This means accepting the gravity of reaching as many hearts and minds as possible while maintaining the integrity of an artist’s work”


Like many female artists that have gone before, Sarah is aware of the gender gap in the art industry but her doggedness, courage, and resiliency are the best strategies with which she endures the long haul.

“I  have always been self-conscious that my being a woman, in general, could interfere with how my art was received and valued. That my appearance could be entirely problematic. No matter what I have done or do, my life’s work runs the risk of being misinterpreted misconstrued, or discredited based on my outward presentation”.

Since there are so many artists with great talent who are struggling Sarah advices on what they can do to make their passion a commercial success because to include finding reasons not to quit, embracing structure and discipline, attending courses, meeting mentors, being honest about shortcomings,  having a professional website, committing to regularly sharing your work through exhibitions and events, and utilizing social media.

As an art therapist, she comes across people with a broad spectrum of issues. Some of the issues people have come to seek treatment through art include drug, alcohol, and sex addiction, abuse and past trauma, thoughts of suicide etc. But what strikes her most is the fact that


“that regardless of each individuals set of circumstances, art has proved to be a primordially profound and effective ally, teacher and healer. I have (humbly?) watched art keep people here on the planet long after they thought they would ever want to be here”.

Despite being faced with hindrance, there is no limitation for Sarah, she asserts that “ notion of limitless possibilities and capabilities will forever peak my interest for better or for worse”. She is currently exploring the game-changing world of virtual galleries, and she working on her first virtual gallery. What intrigues her is that virtual galleries offer artists greater flexibility, reach, and creative control over the presentation of their artwork than a traditional brick-and-mortar environment would ever be possible of doing.

For her, virtual gallery is the best place for artists to exhibit their works because it creates an entirely different  and unique environment that is completely custom or tailor-made for each piece or distinctly different series they would love to share and showcase with the world. virtual galleries offer the opportunity to showcase artwork to a global audience without the limitations of physical location.



It’s just more all-inclusive. Artists and art enthusiasts can design and curate virtual spaces according to their artistic vision, allowing them to experiment with new tools and engage with audiences in a digital age that can change shape as needed. In expressing her delight on this, she says:

“When I first saw the initial 3D rendering of the virtual gallery my jaw literally dropped!! It was exquisite! I remember how stunning the 3D creation was and thinking to myself “Yes finally! Wow, now this is ideally how I would like to exhibit my work. Simply put this makes sense.


3D galleries inherently solve so many of  the tangible problems that traditional galleries and artists face by creating immersive and interactive  experiences for viewers that are literally accessible at their fingertips and on their timeframe”.

This interactive art experience enhances engagement beyond traditional galleries, allowing viewers to explore at their own pace and revisit exhibitions, showcasing the innovative collaboration between artists and virtual platforms. 3D offers a high-quality visual representation of the artwork.

The technology allows for detailed and accurate  artwork rendering, providing viewers with a realistic and immersive experience. This enhanced  visual representation ensures that the artwork is showcased in its best possible form, capturing the  nuances and details that may be missed in traditional photographs or online images.

Also, the interconnectedness of the modern world allows for collaborations between artists and businessmen. Over the years Sarah has worked with developers, designers, art consultants, architects, home and business owners, musicians, other creatives, various organizations, and so many other individuals in diverse fields for the shared goal of creating something unique.

The Loews project in particular came about through working with a design firm, Simeone Deary, as well as Jon Tisch of Loews Hotels. She actually designed and fully completed the Loews sculpture wall, not once but twice. Once here in Chicago in the Google building, she had an exact replica of the 36ft curved wall built and then created it in sections.

The second time was after she had it shipped to Miami for its permanent installation. Sarah rebuilt this piece by piece but this time on scaffolding and several feet higher. her aim is to bring fresh perspectives and unique applications to each project, starting with understanding the overall goal and formulating concepts.



“Collaborating with visual artists allows businesses to  create a more distinctive and memorable atmosphere, setting them apart from their competitors. This  trend is particularly evident in the hospitality industry, where hotels and commercial spaces are seeking to provide guests with a more immersive and culturally enriching experience”.

Moreover, collaborating with artists allows businesses to support and promote the local art community,  fostering a sense of community engagement and cultural appreciation. It also provides artists with  opportunities to showcase their work in non-traditional settings, reaching a wider audience and potentially  gaining recognition.

It is also very fascinating that Sarah has also entered the world of fashion with art. This is propagated by her passion, being an  experimental person,  especially as an artist. On a lighter note, she expresses that:

“it is as if I see a blank canvas in front of me at just about every moment. Fashion appeals to me in a way that allows me to create much different than how I approach my fine art. It reemphasizes the importance of sheer imagination and free expression without some of the headiness of my past work.”


She is currently working on everything from more straightforward fashion projects (scarves, jackets, wraps, etc) to more large-scale sculptural applications as it eventually applies to photography.

“I enjoy the extension of “art as life- life as art” day to day fashion brings to the table”.
Fashion gives her a creative space that is unencumbered by some of the responsibilities of her current body of work.



It comes from a place of being deeply curious about the free-wheeling and the bizarre realm of over-the-top fashion. It is such a departure from more expected outcomes and methodologies within her more traditional art-making and is very organic.

Sarah confesses

“I want to allow this part of the fashion series to explore even further unexpected fanciful possibilities. I see people being integrated into the art rather than purely wearing it”.


Artists and creators like Sarah are forging new paths, questioning societal norms, and harnessing the power of technology and innovation to engage with global audiences.

As this wave continues to reshape the landscape of art and creativity, it reminds us that the essence of innovation lies in the pursuit of unconventional ideas, the celebration of diversity, and a shared commitment to exploring and expanding the boundaries of human imagination.

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