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Are You Overlooking Hidden Resources?

by Keerat

By Andy Bass, PhD - BassClusker Consulting


"Reinvent yourself!"

"Boost your productivity!"

"Be agile in a changing world!"

"Stand out!"

All good advice, but – just like the advice to investors that they should "buy low and sell high" – easier said than done.


Over the last year, while locked down at home, I wrote a book called 'Start With What Works: A Faster Way to Grow Your Business' (published by Pearson Business) in order to help. It does so in a way that's quite unusual.


It's based on my work as an advisor to leaders in companies big and small around the world. I've noticed a very common tendency to think that all the answers to growth challenges are going to come from outside the business.

This tendency is natural: on a day-to-day basis, managing inside the business is mostly about problems. This can lead to a false and wasteful conclusion: if problems are inside, then solutions must be outside.

We’ve all been in meetings wh...

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