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A Community of Business: In The Business of Community

By Dr Nik Kotecha OBE DL

by Keerat

Dr Nik Kotecha OBE DL, Chairman of Morningside Pharmaceuticals & The Randal Charitable Foundation


Environmental, social and governance reporting and disclosures form part of the modern business world. Whether mandatory, as for large firms, or increasingly reported voluntarily for smaller firms preparing for a direction of travel which will soon expect more, no-one reading this will be unfamiliar with the evolving landscape of ‘ESG’.

That’s hand in hand – some might say – with the ever-deepening appreciation that there’s a demonstrable economic value associated with these areas – so close is their link to both stakeholder and consumer awareness of sustainability issues.

That “awareness” is so much more, in fact. It’s a vast and rapidly growing knowledge base, with choices from macro commercial investment through to day-to-day consumer purchases being shaped by perceptions and understanding of just how businesses are operating.

That level of understanding includ...

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