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2020 – Working Within A New Norm

by Keerat

By Christopher Greenough – Chief Commercial Officer at SDE Technology


The year started for our business as for many others, increased sales in January and February, and forecasts for the coming year looked healthy and much improved on the previous two years. It appeared the Brexit vote, and extended negotiation period with the EU were behind us, and the future looked to be bright.

There was an enthusiasm within the sector that I had not seen for some time, talk of investment and talk of reshoring, were the buzz words. There was a realisation that Brexit was now going to happen at the end of 2020, and we had twelve months to get the very best deal for our Country.

But stirrings in early March and the talk of Covid-19 virus taking hold in other countries began to worry everyone, and by mid-March there were few if any businesses or people that couldn’t see this was going to have a far and long reaching impact on our country. By the end of March, we were looking at restr...

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